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A fantastical birthday

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Hello everyone! I am a new Edu-Pal in the program and I wanted to share my experiences from this week.

As part of the program preparation, all of the Edu-Pals were asked to bring a “strange food” from our home countries, and since it was also my good friend, KC’s birthday this week, EPC decided to combine the weird food campaign with her birthday for an immeasurably grand birthday extravaganza! Could there be a better way to celebrate a birthday than by eating odd international food?? I think not! Being from the US, I personally brought Jell-O and Ranch, because what’s more American than Ranch?? There was also Vegemite from Australia, salted licorice from Denmark and duck neck from China, to name a few! Not only did we get to celebrate the fact that our good pal, KC, has officially been alive for a quarter of a century (!!! Congrats old lady!!!) , but we also got to have a fun time pretending each other’s snacks didn’t make us want to throw up. I think I have also officially taken and received enough meme-y photos to last for the next 25 years. Watch out, you never know when someone might be taking a photo to add to their custom WeChat sticker collection. ;)

In all seriousness, this program has really allowed me to meet some amazing people. I think that even though I have only been here for a few weeks, I have made some friendships that I will be able to keep for the rest of my life. I have already learned so much from them during my short time in Shenzhen, like how to decipher ancient Chinese characters, order a dairy-free coffee from Starbucks and which karaoke song to add to the to-do list. Meeting other foreigners in China is a really special experience. It is really hard to imagine what it is like to move to a country that is so different from your own, so it is incredible that we have people to share the experience with. Although we all face our own difficulties leaving home and starting a job where you live with your employer, we are also given such amazing opportunities to learn and grow as young adults.

Real talk time has concluded. I hope that you can all enjoy our ugly photos as much as I do. Please look forward to hearing more about our crazy adventures here in Shenzhen! As long as I am here, I promise to report!

Edu-Pal Delayne signing off!


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