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A Fun Day in Shekou

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

This week the Edu-Pals explored Shekou, which is a beautiful area located on the southern-most tip of Nanshan district. Shekou is well-known for having a pleasing aesthetic; the area is situated alongside Shenzhen Bay, facing towards Hong Kong. Needless to say, there was much to explore!

Tianhou Temple

We began our day in the southeastern bay area of Chiwan. Here, we embarked on a quick journey towards Tianhou Temple; a structure originally built in the 1400’s dedicated to the goddess of the sea, Tianhou. The structure has been destroyed and rebuilt many times since, which highlights the cultural significance of this Chinese deity. The Edu-Pals had a blast exploring the temple area, reading-up on the history of Tianhou, and taking pictures alongside the picturesque decorations and scenery.

Chiwan Fort

Once the Edu-Pals had satisfied their curiosities at the temple, we headed up Yingzui Hill on foot to learn a bit more about the historical significance of the Chiwan area. Once we reached the topic, we discovered a Fort built amongst the first Opium War: an event that created tension and military engagement between China and Great Britain during the Qing Dynasty. Once tensions escalated between the two nations, many militarized zones such as the Chiwan Fort were constructed across China (especially in the “Canton” region). The Edu-Pals took a break once we reached the top to admire the view and once again, take some beautiful photos.

Sea World

The final destination on our list was Sea World: a new international area which created quite a drastic contrast when compared to the first two places on our list. Sea World is likely the most internationally focussed area in Shenzhen. In the centre of the Sea World plaza lies the Ming Hua; a large cruise ship gifted to China by the French government in the 1960s. This ship is home to hotel rooms and restaurants alike. The Edu-Pals arrived in Sea World famished after a long afternoon of climbing. To satisfy our appetites, we ate lunch the Japanese Dragon Restaurant (delicious).

Afterwards, we had a quick tour around the area and admired the many modern shops and international restaurants (seriously, this area has every type of food!). Next, we toured through the Sea World Art and Cultural Centre. Unfortunately, the main attraction was closed, but we were still able to admire the beauty of the seaside by climbing to the rooftop garden, before walking along the shore.

This day was quite intensive and educational for the Edu-Pals. We learned much about the past and present history of Shenzhen, as it transitioned from a fishing village, to an ultra-developed city. Special thanks goes-out to our wonderful tour-guide Luka. We would not have been able to navigate the area so efficiently and energetically without Luka’s help and positive energy. Overall, our Shekou adventure was quite special, and certainly a day to remember!


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