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An "Unexpected" trip in Guilin!

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Monday, October 21st

Honestly, this day was one of the best since I’m here in China. At first, I was pretty upset but when I think about it, I’m just thinking that " Yeah girl, you decided to be here and to live adventures. So enjoy what you have because it’s amazing whatever happens ".

Like I said, at first I was upset because rather than leave as a group of 8, we left Shenzhen as a group of 3, which is not really a group anymore 🙃. But whatever, 2 other Edu-Pals and I had an amazing day in Guilin City because at the end, we have a story to tell, something in particular that will become a souvenir for all of us. And we had a really fun day, walking in Guilin and trying to manage our day with what we had, it means our phones and our translators 🤣.

It was so cool to discover another city in China because from one to another it’s so different. We had the opportunity to see a city much less modern than Shenzhen but with a lot of charm. There were more pedestrian streets and "typical building" I would say.

We also ate the worse meal ever next to the train station, but when we were in downtown Guilin, a young man helped us to find a decent restaurant. He was so kind and he even took us to the restaurant. Now, when we think about that we just laugh so hard, because Maisie and Luana just asked a stranger Chinese guy "Hey, do you know somewhere to get alcohol ?".

Again, in the end, it was one of the best restaurants we went to, by the decoration, the food and the drinks.

At about 5:00 pm, we had to go back to the train station to join the other girls and Luka. And we leave for our second destination of the stay, Yangshuo.

The ancient town was so cute, all the streets are only for pedestrians and scooters, all paved, with typical houses … We went to the hostel, get ready and went to find somewhere to eat. But sadly, it was 9:00 pm and all the restaurants were closed but one "German restaurant" was still open. It was way too expensive and not really good but we had such a fun meal. I mean it’s not because it was not perfect that it was not cool and enjoyable. All the girls were together, talking and laughing and it’s all we need to enjoy our trip. Honestly, as a person who likes to be alone and for who it’s pretty difficult to go to the others, I take pleasure now to meet new people, to share moments with them but also to face the difference. I think it’s the main point of going on a trip alone in a foreign country and that was what I was searching for, new experiences.

Tuesday, October 22th

The second day was more based on tourism. And like what was planned, we woke up at 8.00am, we had an English breakfast and Luka rent 4 scooters instead of bikes because this guy from the hostel told her it was more convenient. And I’m clearly happy that she listened to him. But the fact is, I am so scared of scooters and motorcycles. So, I was first behind Maisie, but I was just screaming and making laugh all the girls but Maisie 😅. I couldn’t keep my legs up and I knew it was making her not stable at all but … I’m still sorry for her. In the end, I went behind Luka and I think that it was way better for everyone.

But like I said, I’m still happy that such a small thing happened because I had to experience something new again. And for some of the girls, riding a scooters was also a premiere, and everyone was really excited about that.

So first, we rode our scooters until the countryside. In fact, we drove only on small rocks roads because the main road we were supposed to take was closed due to an international bike race. Now, I can say that this trip is the most unexpected trip ever. Everything we planned was changed by something. And this is what makes this trip unique.

The landscapes were just breathtaking, all those mountains and fauna were beautiful and so different from what all of us have in our countries. And it was so relaxing because except for a few small villages, there was nothing but the nature. We were totally immersed into the countryside of China. I am so glad that Edu-Pal China makes us experience this.

After, we came back to the hostel to take sweaters because the weather was getting a bit cold, we had lunch, had a small rest and we took again our scooters to go to the Li River and ride a bamboo boat.

It was amazing. I don’t even have the words to describe how incredible and beautiful it was. And it was really fun at the same time because a group of young Chinese people were also there to ride the bamboo boat and they kept watching us, taking pictures of us and trying to talk to us during all the riding.

In fact, China for foreigners is also about being addressed by strangers and most of the time it’s really fun because Chinese people are mostly kind and sweet and sometimes a bit rude but they will never be mean.

Then, we went back to the hostel to take our suitcases and go to the center of Yangshuo, where the touristic part is. But, like nothing happened like we had plan, when we arrived to the bus station, the bus driver told us that the service was end. But hopefully he told us that he could drive us to our destination if we were paying more money. It’s at this moment that we met 3 guys (2 Americans and 1 Russian) who took the bus with us.

We finally made it to the new hostel, we get us ready and we leave to have dinner. We also had dinner with the 2 Americans and we had such a fun night in clubs. It was so cool because we were just dancing and having fun with each other. And as young people, I think that I can say that we like to experience those things in different countries. I think I can say that I have met good friends now.

Wednesday, October 23th

After our wild night, we woke up pretty late that morning. We proceeded to the check out and we ate out breakfast/lunch at the hostel. Then, we went to the ancient town to do exactly what a tourist is supposed to do, buy souvenirs. It was a bit cold and the sky was grey, but I liked to see what we saw only at night, the mood was really different but not less beautiful. For example, we saw the mountains that the night before we didn’t know about. We didn’t have a lot of time there because we had to go back to the train station and we wouldn’t be late again 😅. Then, we all came back home and had a great night to not fall asleep the next day in class.


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