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Chinese Calligraphy Class

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

As we know calligraphy in many forms is the art of expression of the human language and the visual representation of many words and sayings. Very pre-modern ancient art form as we may see it, but fear not, it is a very pleasurable practice. It is very important to focus on the movement, pace and flow, otherwise, it may not be written correctly. Think of it as a rhythm to a very delicate song. Edu-Pals had the chance to take part in a class where they learnt about all the techniques and forms of Chinese calligraphy. A great way to expand one's abilities and skills.

Edu-Pal China:  Chinese Calligraphy
Edu-Pal China: Chinese Calligraphy

As the calligraphy teacher, Mr. Yang explained and demonstrated there are essentially five different Chinese calligraphy styles. These are mainly determined through Chinese history. They are Zuan, Li, Tsao, Hsin and Kai style. Edu-Pals practised the regular script, alongside this, there are seal, clerical, running and cursive forms.

By only using a brush, ink and a lot of patience, you are able to produce the most beautiful and powerful calligraphic words and phrases through continuous movements. The techniques are pretty simple, dip the brush into the ink solution and begin to express yourself through the paper. The movement of the brush is very important since each stroke needs to be defined carefully. The more practice one gains, the more one begins to understand the structure and the artwork of storytelling.

Edu-Pal China:  Chinese Calligraphy
Edu-Pal China: Chinese Calligraphy

The most common way to learn calligraphy is by copying the works by hand. During the class, the Edu-Pals were given a piece of A3 sheet, brush and ink to first begin understanding the notion behind each stroke. It’s important to do as many as you wish until you are comfortable with what you produce. It’s a valuable lesson since it helps develop knowledge, patience and keep a restful mind. Fun fact, many people practice calligraphy as a way to relax, it is almost like meditating. It’s not only for leisure but it brings out the calmer and peaceful side of you. After all, you are focusing on establishing beautiful calligraphies.


- Remember that it’s written from top to bottom, left to right!

- Sit up straight!

- The brush needs to always be vertical and it’s all about the brushwork!

- Take your time, slow and flow.

Enjoy the process, don’t overthink it, have fun! Thanks to Sarah and Luka for guiding us and Mr. Yang for teaching and demonstrating all the techniques and calligraphy styles as well as the assistant for supporting us. Thank you for letting us know we achieved high progress, it was the highlight of the day!

Edu-Pal China:  Chinese Calligraphy
Edu-Pal China: Chinese Calligraphy


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