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Ethnic Groups in China and DIY Hair Pins

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Last week, there was a business culture session for the Edu-Pals to learn about the different ethnic groups in China, and how to make their own hair pin!

Edu-Pal China: Chinese Ethnic Groups
Edu-Pal China Image

In China, the majority of the population is comprised of people from the ethnic group called Han. Ethnic minorities, non-Han Chinese, make up the rest of China’s population. Although they only comprise a small amount of the population, there are so many groups! Do you know how many ethnic minority groups are in China? The answer is... 56!

Edu-Pal China: Chinese Ethnic Groups
Edu-Pal China Image

It was interesting to learn about the different ethnic groups in China. Each group is unique, as they have their own culture and traditions. They have a different dialect, unique food dishes, and festivals. It’s like traveling to many countries within one country! It is wonderful that these minority groups are recognized and kept, because these groups are what makes China a multi-ethnic nation.

While the Edu-Pals were watching a video of how Tujia people (an ethnic group) prepare for traditional weddings, everyone was surprised that crying is a crucial component! In the video, the bride was singing in a mournful tone. Apparently, they believe that the more you cry and the harder you cry, the happier your marriage life will be. Therefore, it is important to cry as much as possible!

After learning about the ethnic groups, the Edu-Pals had the opportunity to make their own hair pin. Everyone demonstrated their creativity in customizing their own hair pin, from selecting the style of the hair stick to the colour of the jewels to add on. The selection process was so difficult because all of them were so pretty! Everyone did a great job on making one!

It was an informative and delightful session! Thank you Tia for leading this session and assisting the Edu-Pals in the hair pin making process.

To see how does the class like, you could watch this short video of the class:


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