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Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Hi there everyone! I am Kamila from Poland and I am an  Edu-Pal here in China.

Last Wednesday I had an amazing opportunity to take part in an EPC cultural event. This event was about learning how to play a traditional Chinese game: Mahjong!

Edu-Pal China: Chinese Mahjong
Edu-Pal China: Chinese Mahjong

Mahjong is an old and very popular game which has developed in China during the Qing dynasty. It's usually played by 4 people and it's a game of calculation and strategy. We can compare this game to the western card game called rummy.

The culture event let all the Edu-Pals feel like real masters of mahjong. We went to a typical game room and with Luka's help, we learned all the important rules. The next 4 hours were full of fun, focus, strategy and emotions (mostly after losing the game). We all had a great time while spending our day just as the local people. This experience gave us beautiful memories and a skill that not many other people have!

Thank you Edu-Pal China!


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