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The KTV experience

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Hi everyone! My name is Sara and I am a new Edu-Pal from Italy.

Last Wednesday marked my first amazing month in China, but still I had never partaken in an EPC cultural activity -I decided to come down with a fever the day before the rafting experience, talk about luck... So I was so thrilled for our KTV afternoon. For those who don’t know, KTV is China’s word for karaoke. It consists of many private rooms where people go to sing and have fun with friends. But we didn’t just go to a normal KTV, we went instead for the Uk version. That meant a broader choice of English songs for us foreigners to sing and so many adorable photo spots!

All of us six Edu-Pals and Luka met up at the closest metro station and then walked in together. Let me tell you: even the elevator was cool! Once inside our room we had tons of snacks and drinks, and we were ready to party. All I could think of was how sad I was that there is nothing like KTV in Italy, because I really had the best time. We picked up the microphones at 2 pm and the time just flew by -suddenly it was 6pm but none of us wanted to leave. We still had over 100 songs in our queue list.

(Check out the videos here:

My phone is now full of photos and videos of us singing together to the tunes of Beyoncé, ABBA, the Beatles and even High School Musical (let’s face it, Bet on it is now a classic). Delayne and Luka even sang a duet in Chinese. That afternoon truly gave me some of the funniest and happiest memories I have and I already cannot wait for the next event.

Thank you Edu-Pal China!


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