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The Mid-Autumn Festival event!

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Hi there everyone! I am Kamila from Poland and I am a new Edu-Pal here in China.

Last Wednesday I had my first opportunity to take part in a EPC cultural meeting. This event was concerning the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival.

Mid-autumn festival, also known as the Moon festival, is one of the most important holidays in China. The event helped us understand the traditions of the festival, the common ways to celebrate it and also the story about how it all began. We were told a beautiful legend about a woman called Chang’e. This woman became the Moon goddess after drinking a magical elixir and flying to the moon forever. This is why the festival is also known as the Moon festival.

The most common way of celebrating the mid-autumn festival is by eating mooncakes. So that is what we did. It was so much fun. All Edu-Pals were struggling because of our baking skills. Thankfully Sara managed to save us and made the perfect dough! Afterwards we were having a great time while forming the cakes, eating them and goofing around.

A different tradition of the Moon festival is making lanterns with riddles on them. We had a big laugh trying to solve the Chinese riddles we couldn't understand! All of us got a lantern we could later take back home with us. There was also time for a great photo session which made our memories even more immortal. That was a great day.

Thank you Edu-Pal China!

Watch the video of this event here:


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