Edu-Pal China

abbr. as EPC, with registration No. 91440300MA5FQHQT0Y, is authorized by State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People's Republic of China, SAIC, for education, language teaching, and international cultural exchange!

Why Edu-Pal China?

Edu-Pal support is one of our top priorities. We provide Facilitator and Peer-Mentor to ensure that each participant is well supported (Staff-Student Ratio 1:8). We will be there for you every step of the way. When you arrive at the airport, you will see our faces waiting for you; when you meet your host family, we will be there to help you adjust to your new environment; when you have a question or concern, we will meet with you face-to-face or via text message, to support you with your needs.

With our uniquely designed language curriculum, invaluable cultural events and amazing travel opportunities, you can expand your knowledge on Chinese language and culture much more efficiently than in your home country, or otherwise. What better way is there to learn, grow, and create a lifetime of memories in China, with a limited budget? With your passion for language and your love for spending time with children, you are being offered a life-changing experience, which also reflects well on your resume! 

Key Team Members


Program Director, Co-Founder of Edu-Pal China

With an academic background of teaching, qualified with Business Chinese teaching by LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science) and Confucius Institute.  Sarah is an expert in bilingual and cross-cultural education.


Steven Wang

Co-Founder of Edu-Pal China

As the co-founder of EPC, Steven is in charge of the domestic market (China), who is the key person to maintain customer relationships and develop the domestic market for the program.


Marketing Manager

In charge of social media and overseas marketing. Parry would be the main person that Edu-Pal candidates talk to prior to participating in the program. She is an expert in social media and expanding overseas marketing channels.


Luka Jiang

Program Facilitator

An expert in cross-cultural awareness. With years of working experience in education and immersive living experiences in various countries, Luka has been one of the most well-received program facilitators on the EPC program.


Tia Xiong

Program Facilitator

With an ESL master's degree and years of teaching experience,  Tia is an expert in ESL teaching and training. She provides EPs with professional suggestions and training to teach host children. She has lived and studies in the UK for years and build strong connections with the locals. She has strong cross-culture awareness that enables her to understand possible challenges EPs may face during the program, and thus to support and guide EPs through the program.