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EPC Host Family

All the host families in the program are not only open-minded as global citizens, but also play important roles in each industry they work on, e.g., economic, technological, manufacturing and etc. If you are interested in the Chinese language and culture, or would like to have a deep understanding of the Chinese market, they would be the perfect family, as your host, your mentor, and your friends that would be open to sharing whatever you are interested in. They respect the core values of the EPC program and are willing to enhance the cultural and language exchange between EP and the family. They are keen to have an EP as a family member and show them Chinese culture to help them understand China in depth. 

Hear What They Say

Edu-Pal Miriam

"My host family and I both tried to adapt to the other side's lifestyle and we’re both very open-minded...A special moment was when Jessie told me she missed me after she didn’t see me during my free day. That was the first time she made me feel that she not only accepts me but also likes me..."

Miriam, Germany

Edu-Pal Phoebe

"My family were really nice and helped me with anything I needed. The first time I met the dad, he told me that I am a part of the family. They have made me feel so welcome! I'm so happy and grateful that they were my family ..."

Phoebe, UK

Edu-Pal Sara

"I honestly could not have been luckier with my Chinese Family. They have treated me like a family member since day1, and always taking care of me and making sure I was comfortable. Michael has proved to be the sweetest and loveliest little brother I could have asked for ..."

Sara, Italy

Edu-Pa Ellie

Ellie, USA

"I loved my host family here and being with them. I was given my space if I wanted it but was still welcome to join the family in whatever they were doing. I felt at home in their house and was always taken care of. If I needed help with anything I knew I could ask them and that they would help me. They also lived in a very nice area that had stores and the metro right nearby which was very convenient..."

Edu-Pal Kamila

"I feel that my host family was a good fit for me. We had an amazing time together. The family is very supportive and understanding. They helped me with any problem I had and did everything to make me feel comfortable in their house. They introduced China to me and have me one of the experiences in my life...."

Kamila, Poland


Katy, USA

"Thank you so much for housing and caring for me as one of your own during a global pandemic! I can’t express how much I appreciate being with such a kind family. I had very beautiful experiences going to Macau, Guizhou, and Guilin with my host family. I got to learn a bit about the Buddhism that they practice. I got to see very beautiful scenery with them as well. I was really blown away by the beautiful places they took me to! I think those trips alone made all of my time in China worthwhile..."


"My host family is amazing, they always care about me and took the time out of their life to help me with anything I needed. Advised me and guided me during the difficult months of the virus away from my family in the U.K. I got the opportunity to meet more family members from Chongqing and share a real homely environment. The most important moments were the activities we did together such as go-karting, cooking, playing sports, and daily evening walks....."



EPC Family Candidates



City: Shenzhen

Age: 4 years old

English Level: Beginner

Program Duration: 6 Months



City: Shenzhen

Age: 10 years old

English Level: Intermediate

Program Duration: 6 Months



City: Shenzhen

Age: 3 years old

English Level: Beginner

Program Duration: 9 Months



City: Beijing

Age: Kiven - 1 year old

         Kiya - 3 years old

English Level: Beginner

Program Duration: 6 Months



City: Shenzhen

Age: Queena - 3 years old

         Derek - 9 years old

English Level:

Beginner & Pre-intermediate

Program Duration: 6 Months



City: Shenzhen

Age: Kent - 7 years old

         Twins - 5 years old

English Level: Pre-intermediate

Program Duration: 12 Months

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