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FAQ_Edu-Pal China

1. Is it safe in China?    
China is a very safe country. The program city Shenzhen is one of the top 3 most developed cities in China. It’s very clean and modern with a prosperous economy. 
(More information about Shenzhen:  )
EPC ensures that every Edu-Pal will be placed with families that have been carefully screened. We ensure that all Edu-Pals will be insured. Coverage will include travel, health, accident and liability insurance. 

2. Is there any program fee?

No program fee required from Edu-Pals. Edu-Pal China is an organization sponsored by Chinese host families. When the program was launched, the first host families agreed that they would like to be more financially supportive without causing Edu-Pals any financial pressure. It has been this way ever since. 
The only upfront cost to you will be the visa application fee and flight tickets. But we offer airfare(s) reimbursement and up to CNY 8,000 program scholarship funds depending on your program duration. 
(Please contact us for more information about this.)

3. Is the program available all year round?

This program is available all year round, which means you could start whenever is the best time for you and apply as early as you can.


Here are two suggestions about the start dates for you:

  • Talk about it with your host family during the interview or after the match. Your host family might hope you could start at a certain time (e.g. before the summer holiday). You could take it into consideration if that works for you.

  • Check the EPC cultural events curriculum and don’t miss the ones you like. EPC offers national travels once every 3 months. It’s required that Edu-Pals need to be over the first-month fit-in and adaption before joining any national travels. You could check if any national travel suits your plan and come to the program city at least one month before national travel. 

4. How many months should I participate in this program?
From 3 to 12+ months.
3 months is the minimum duration accepted. You can participate in this program for as long as you can be available, and 6 months would be ideal and is what most Edu-Pals go for.
If you are a candidate with very convincing childcare or teaching experience, as well as academic background, your application for 2 months would be accepted but there might be less chance to match up with a host family than applications with longer commitments. 

5. How does the Chinese language classes work?
The Chinese classes are held in the EPC center. Generally, Edu-Pals will have 4-course hours per week except on school holidays. The classes will be held in small sizes.
EPC has the best Mandarin teachers in the city, in order to give Edu-Pals the best experience of Mandarin learning and help them learn as much as possible during the program. 
EPC will also help Edu-Pal sign up for the HSK test to help them get a certificate of Mandarin level.

6. Do I get the chance to make friends during the program?
Yes, for sure! Upon your arrival in China, you will have a peer-mentor who has been on program for a while to help you to fit into the host family, using public transportation, get to know the neighborhood, etc. (You will get support from both host family and your EPC program coordinator as well. You may reach out to either party for the help you need.) 
There will be EPC club activities, cultural events, cultural travels, and language classes that allow you to meet other Edu-Pals and make friends. You will be part of a very supportive and warm community as our Edu-Pal.

7. Could this be put on my CV?

Yes! At the end of the program, you will have certificates from this program, one with Mandarin learning hours and cultural event hours stated, another one is for your Home-stay Language Teaching. It will for sure help to make your CV stand out.

8. I'm a college consultant, do I get a referral commission if I refer students to your program?

We appreciate your recognition of our program, we will provide your student(s) a quality experiential learning experience and keep you updated if you request so. Meanwhile, we don't pay commissions to referrals.

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If you want to know more information about Edu-Pal China Program, please contact us

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