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Our trip to Xi’An 西安

Written by Katy

After getting off of the airplane in Xi’An, we were met by workers in hazard suits to check our temperatures. Wandering around to search for a hotel, showing multiple people our passports, and being asked for our yi ma tong (safety QR code) multiple times was a bit disorienting and stressful, especially for a group of girls that haven’t left the house much for 3 months. Such is the reality of traveling during a global pandemic, but I wouldn’t trade any experience I had. All things considered, we were quite safe. The confusing list of travel regulations was worth the amazing time I had in Xi’An. Plus we had our super amazing tour guide and friend Luka! (Who helped us with translations and to fill out all our forms)

We spent our days visiting many historical sites and eating delicious food. (My favorite was “biang biang mian” aka a bowl of some of the most delicious handmade noodles I have eaten!) Our nights were spent hanging out in our hotel, chatting, and getting to know each other. Some of my favorite highlights of the trip were: -eating street food and shopping in Huiming Street -watching performers dance in their traditional clothing in Datang Never Sleeps City -strolling along the ancient city wall -dancing (“shuffling”) with locals in the cherry blossom filled park

Of all the ups and downs of navigating the city, what sticks out the most when I think about my trip to Xi’An was how much fun I had. The trip really threw me back out into the world after mainly staying inside for a while.

Since then, I have found myself getting out and exploring more and more with the other Edupal girls as well as with my host family!



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