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Edu-Pal China FAQ: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Answers to your questions about COVID-19.

Edu-Pal China has been actively monitoring and responding to the Coronavirus outbreak. While we do not anticipate any disruptions to most of our current applications and all applications for the summer program. If you are planning to participate in our program recently, please contact your program representative or And this page provides updates to some common questions.  Updated 4 August 2020.

How is the epidemic in China?

Edu-Pal China has been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Chinese government and people have put the greatest efforts to control and defeat the virus. The progress has been significant. There have been no new cases in most cities. The program city Shenzhen had NO confirmed new cases for 94 days. Please refer to the latest figures released by the Health Commission of Shenzhen Municipality on 3 August, 2020. Workplace, malls, tea shops, parks, restaurants and bars are all open. The situation is recovering to normal in China.

If I'm interested in the Edu-Pal China program, could I apply now?

Applications are accepted all year round. We would suggest you submit your application as early as possible (ideally at least three months ahead) so that we will have sufficient time to match you with the host family and work on necessary paper works including visa documents.

If you want to join the program at the earliest time possible, preferably, you can be flexible about the program starting date (the day of your arrival in China) and in quick respondents to our emails and messages. The China borders are still closed by now, and we will keep our candidates updated regarding border and visa policies and have our matched Edu-Pals coming over soon as safe travel is possible.

2021 spring, summer, fall, and winter applications are open. If you are planning for next year, please submit your application and meet our host families now.

Could I come for the program in fall 2020?

If you are planning a recent trip for the Edu-Pal China program, please contact your program representative. The risk of contracting COVID-19 during the journey is low, and the risk during the program is very unlikely. We are continually monitoring and gathering information about the local policy as well as participants' home countries.

We will collect updated information about the COVID-19 situation in your country, border policy, and consult with our risk-management team and come up with the best arrangement. So far, for most participants for fall 2020, we are actively doing matching with host families.

We may ask for your body temperature check for 14 days before the trip. If a recent trip to China is not possible during this special time, we would suggest a postponement. Please be flexible in your program starting date and stay in close contact with your program representative and make the necessary adjustment.

Need more update information about the COVID-19?

If you would like more information about COVID-19, you may check from the websites of the Health Commission of Shenzhen Municipality or local news platform EyeShenzhen. Please feel free to contact the Edu-Pal China office at should you have questions or concerns about the information provided.

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