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Edu-Pal China: Program Adjustment during COVID-19

Updated: May 5, 2020

During the special time of COVID-19, Edu-Pal China makes some adjustments to guarantee the health and safety of our participants and host families. We want to ensure all participants that your well-being is the priority in our program. We will make the best arrangement for your departure, settlement, and exploration in China.

  • Upgraded Travel Insurance

For participants coming to the program after Feb. 2020, along with our standard travel insurance, we've added up another insurance that covers all medical treatment, including all treatment during the special time of COVID-19 pandemic.

  • About the situation in program city Shenzhen, China

By 27 April 2020, the 9th, 12th grades have returned to school, which is a meaningful sign that situation is stable and in control. By 27 April 2020, there's been 0 new cases for 9 days. You may check updates from Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission

People get around with masks on and a digital code that indicates travel history and health status, leaving the house taking the subway, going to work, entering restaurants and shopping malls. Things may work this way for a while in the near future we can foresee.

  • Current border and visa policies and arrivals during the pandemic

Currently, borders are closed, and embassies are not issuing visas, which means no travel can be made around the near future of 27 April. Please contact your program representative, or contact for updates about borders and visa policies.

For participants that would like to come soon as border reopens, please stay in contact with your program representative. We will evaluate your home city and program city situation, and makes the most secure and safe travel plan.

  • Do a daily health report, including body temperature check, for consecutive 14 days before departure.

  • Have at least one pc of N95 masks and 14 pc of surgery masks ready before departure.

  • The program representative makes a call with you and your family to prepare you for a safe trip.

  • It's very likely that there will be 14-day quarantine upon arrival. (Our program will take care of all the costs related to the quarantine.)

What's certain in uncertain times is that the world will be connected again. Before international travel is promising again, let's stay positive and chill. Value the time with our families!

Please keep in contact with your program representatives or e-mail to if you don't have your representative yet. Feel free to reach out and schedule a call with us! Looking forward to seeing you again after COVID-19.






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