Given the current COVID situation, this program will be suspended in 2022 and restarted when the international travel is lifted, which is likely to be the end of the 2022 or early 2023. 
Infomation would be updated here when this program is likely to start again!
Thank you so much for your understanding!

Edu-Pal China Program

​—— Experience the Real Life in China!

The Edu-Pal China (EPC) program offers an immersive language & cultural exchange experience between English-speaking young adults, who are eager to discover the Chinese language and culture, and like-minded Chinese host-families, who are interested in sharing their home and learning English (or another language).


You, as an Edu-Pal, would be considered as an “older sibling” to the child(ren) in your host family. Your primary focus would be to facilitate English (or another foreign language) learning in your home environment. In exchange for your educational assistance, you will be offered Chinese language (Mandarin) classes, cultural events, and cross-country cultural excursions! In addition to the food and accommodation provided by your host family, you will also receive a monthly stipend of “pocket money”, airfare(s) reimbursements, and a program scholarship!

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